To All The People I’ve Ever Loved…In One Way or Another

So another Valentines has come and gone without yet another Valentines. All of us without a Valentine to treat us, scream from the top of our lungs that it is ‘’JUST A CAPITALIST MOVEMENT DESIGNED TO EXPLOIT US, THE CONSUMERS, TO SHOW FAKE LOVE TO PEOPLE’’. Harsh right, maybe I’ll even go as far as to say, bitter!  But, this... Continue Reading →


Transformation • For a very long time I have yo-yo’ed’ between wanting to wear the hijab or not. I go through periods where I’m like yup this is it from this point on it is glued onto my head to a point where I’m just like fxck it skin out fi dem. And to be... Continue Reading →


It's me, written, online taking over this cornerstone of the WORLD WIDEE WEB. Be expecting anything and everything, from learning to self-love, current topics, spoken word, what to read, likkle 1 2 cooking tips and yeah JUSTTT MADNESSS!

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