A Cry For Humanity

I’ve just spent the last hour on the floor of my room, with my head in my hand crying. At first it started off as a cheeky tear rolling down the face whilst I was sitting reflecting on how much growth I have experienced in the last couple of months and overall in the past year. And the more I thought about it, the more it reminded me of God’s presence in my life. And from there the dam I never knew I was working so hard on keeping up just broke. And soon I was shuddering with tears and I just couldn’t stop.

I then started praying vehemently, pouring all my outcry and angst in my conversation with God. I prayed and cried for my 51 fellow brothers and sisters in Islam who died in a cold blooded murder from a terrorist attack on Friday 15th March whilst performing Jumma’ prayers. I prayed for the millions of other Muslims around the world in China and Rohinga and other places who are being persecuted on a daily basis for being Muslim. I prayed for my black brothers and sisters who are still being held captive in Libya and maltreated as slaves. I prayed for the thousands of women whose voices and cries are going unheard everyday. I prayed and cried for humanity.

But I also cried, prayed and thanked God for the blessings he is continuously showering me with.

I mean how blessed am I to have been able to wake up today and see out of my two eyes. How blessed am I to be able to walk out of my comfortable bed, to go to have a hot shower with clean water. How blessed am I to be able to go to the toilet and have soft clean toilet paper to wipe myself with. How blessed am I to have a selection of clothes to choose from and to be able to cover myself fashionably. How blessed am I to have food on the table, breakfast, lunch and dinner. How blessed am I too have parents who I am still dependent on at my big age, siblings to share some laughs with, access to a very good quality education and so on. A lot of these things we take for granted a lot of the time, not appreciating just how blessed we are to have these things. So do take a moment to give thanks and show your gratitude.

Then I continued to cry and pray some more for our future, not just mine but ours. Individually, we all pray for and work towards bright futures, futures in which we are successful, whatever success looks like to you, we all pray for happiness, peace of mind, good health and an amazing family and etc. But what about collectively, what are we praying and crying for as an Ummah (nation), as a community and in general as one society. And most importantly what part are you playing in making that come true. Because we all know that for our dream future career or successes we are willing to sacrifice so much, have sleepless nights and so much more. So what about for the future of our world.

I want to leave you with a Hadith (a saying of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS) which says ‘the believers in their mutual kindness, compassion and sympathy are just like one bod. When one of the limb suffers the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever’.

And lastly to anyone feeling despair and resigned at the state of the world and humanity, have comfort knowing you are not alone – it is okay to cry and okay to let go but do not dwell in it, pick yourself up and have comfort knowing that you can make a difference even if that is you starting from within.

Thank you for reading – I would love to know what you prayed and cried for this week and what you will be doing for a better future for yourself and for everyone, so please drop a comment below and share this post.

Lots of love

SofiaSHenanigans xxx

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