To All The People I’ve Ever Loved…In One Way or Another

So another Valentines has come and gone without yet another Valentines. All of us without a Valentine to treat us, scream from the top of our lungs that it is ‘’JUST A CAPITALIST MOVEMENT DESIGNED TO EXPLOIT US, THE CONSUMERS, TO SHOW FAKE LOVE TO PEOPLE’’. Harsh right, maybe I’ll even go as far as to say, bitter! 

But, this year round I am not in any way inclined to think or feel like that. Yeah sure, the hotel industry, floristry industry, the wine and dine industry and even some supermarkets will really chop a lot of money from a wide majority of the public who go all out for Valentine’s Day but with saying that I have realized just how much I love love. This time round, I haven’t looked at all the snazzy snaps, cute Instagram posts and cheesy tweets with a disgusted cringed face but rather with a wide ass grin on my face. It actually warms my heart to see all these people in love, whether they are actually in love with each other or rather in love with the idea of portraying their love to everyone else, it’s still oso cute. 

And it really did get me thinking. No, I have never felt a deep romantic kind of love for someone or been in love in the way we all stereotypically think of love – I mean the ones we hear and see about in songs and in movies. But yes I am in love and I have felt such a deep love, and with that there is so much to celebrate – so here goes..

So before I begin, there is a deeper kind of love on a whole other level, a love words cannot explain and that is the love I have for my Lord, my creator God, Allah and also the love I have for our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). No love I can ever have can compare to this and I encourage everyone to go and seek this kind of love because to me it brings about peace and tranquillity. 

Firstly I am in love with myself. I love how strong and independent I am. I love how funny I find myself, how I can always make myself laugh and smile (don’t get creeped out when you see me giggling to myself, because it happens often) and how I can always see the brighter side or the ’ease within the hardship’ in every situation. I love how emotional and empathetic I am to all the people I care for and love. I love how kind hearted, generous and giving I am. I love the faith and confidence I have in my own self and my ability to do everything I put my mind to. I love the faith and belief I have in my Lord, Allah and how my faith and belief keeps me going at all times. I love how I am always striving to be the best possible version of myself whether that continually education myself on the matters I don’t know about or whether that’s reflecting and evaluating myself sometimes being too critical and harsh but other times just to big myself up. I love my ability to pick myself up, dust of the bullshxt and stand up stronger.  I could go on forever, but lastly I love, adore and cherish the woman I am growing, evolving and morphing into and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with me.

To my family – either by blood or acquired along the way, I love you and I feel like I do not even have to explain that because I know that no matter what at the end of the day I am both lucky and grateful to say I always have family to come back to. 

To My Mum – I love and admire your strength and your dedication in your loved ones and your children. I love how you’ve sacrificed so much to give us the world and I love how your work ethic is unmatched.

To My Dad – I love how similar we are and how you can pick up on all my unspoken thoughts. I love how you’re always trying to be better for yourself, your wife and for you children.

To Mum Bola – (my second mother), I love you for your fiery personality – some may call it stubbornness. I love how you always follow your heart and do what’s right for you. Your strength and courage inspires me everyday.

To My Siblings – I love how you all stand in your individuality and albeit the fact that we may look similar we are all very distinct in our ways. I love you for allowing me to be hella childish whilst giving me the responsibility of being your older sister to guide and protect you.

To all my friends, I love you. I love you for not just being amazing friends to me but for who you are individuals and for all the value you add to my life and everyone else’s around you. I love you for always being there for me when I can’t 100% be there for myself. I love how much you inspire and motivate me to be my best self. I love how we can always have a good laugh and banter together but at the same time be able to have serious life conversations like we are 30 something year olds. I love how you all strive and aim high to break all the stereotypes and stats that told us that we would not be able to do it. I love and appreciate all of your unwavering support for everything I do. I love you!

To Miss JK, I love you for how much you’ve allowed me to grow with you and for how far we’ve come together and being in your presence I know I will always feel at home. I love how with you I don’t have to pretend to be a nice person, because that shxt gets exhausting.

To Miss NM, I love how proud you are of being Nigerian and how everything you do embodies that. I love how you can always make everyone around you laugh and you definitely know how to have a good time because as you say ‘this life is for the living’.

To Miss VU, I love your faith in God – in inspires me in a way you can never imagine to get closer to God and to always put him first. I love how you don’t let life do you but you do life.I love the way you can and will achieve anything you put your mind to.

To Miss TI, I love how we can always have a very good banter session, like such a quality banter session it’s unbelievable. I love how you always manage to have a smile on your face irrespective

To Miss CJS, I love how you love hard and the faith you have in love. I love how deep our conversations get and I love your perspective on life. 

To Mr KLC, my brother for life, I love how you are always striving to elevate yourself in life and how focus and driven you are. I love how time passed does not alter our dynamic but we can always pick up from where we’ve left off. 

To all the friends I’ve had in the past and lost along the way. I love you, for you’ve taught me that the only person I can truly rely on is myself. I love you for how strong you’ve made me and for how you’ve taught me never to have any expectations of anyone but myself. I love how good you’ve made me at being by myself and being alone but never lonely. I love you for all the good times we’ve shared together, for all the laughs, the cries and everything in between. I pray you continue to grow and flourish and achieve everything you want and more because each one of you deserve it so much. 

And lastly, to the man I will one day come to love. I love the love you have for me. I love how you will allow me to reach and complete half of my deen simply by allowing me to be me whilst giving me room to fail and fall and being there to pick me back up and kiss away the bruises. I love how patient you will be with me. I love the respect you will show me for my values and beliefs but also the respect you will show to all my loved ones. I love how emotionally vulnerable I can be with you and vice versa and I love how we would be able to sit for hours and have pointless conversations but also have life-changing conversations. How you will make me laugh, not the cute kind of laugh but the loud, bellowing ugly kind of laugh. I love that you’ll be here for the good times and the bad and I love you for the future we will build together. 

This is a love letter to all the people I’ve ever loved, in one way or another.  

Lots of love

SofiaSHenanigans xxx

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