So I decided to take a gap year…

So just before I begin, I just want to give you a little context.

I wrote this post on the 30th September 2018, and prior to setting this blog up I used to just write these little dialogues for my self to read back on. Part of the reason I set up SofiaSHenanigans was to share these internal dialogues in the hope that it could help some one else. Therefore this post is a little out of date and hopefully in the coming weeks or so, I could give you more of an update on my gap year, what I’ve accomplished thus far and etc..

So yeah for anyone thinking of taking a Gap Year, or for anyone wondering what it’s like in general, I hope you enjoy reading this post and find it useful.

If you are also on a Gap Year, please feel free to drop a comment on how your Gap Year is going and any goals you have set out to achieve.

Goals for my gap year & notes to self

  • Work and save £10,000
  • Learn to play tennis well
  • Become vegan
  • Learn how to code for web designing
  • Travel to a minimum of three different places
  • Get my deen and imaan on check
  • Read a book a month

So I guess I can say my Gap year has started and I’m in full flow of my gap year. Things I’ve accomplished thus far is passing my driving theory, beginning my driving lessons, starting to work and making money, joining David Lloyd’s gym, enrolling in ASI to learn Arabic and I guess much more that are probably less notable but an accomplishment on my part nonetheless. Things I haven’t yet done but want/need to do include; my UKCAT (although I’m doing this tomorrow), my BMAT, applying for med school and gaining admission, travelling, passing my driving practical test and getting a car, saving money (I haven’t saved a dime tbh), learning to code/web design and so much more.

But at this moment, being a month or so in, I feel very satisfied with where I am although I may occasionally feel frustrated and annoyed at myself for not pushing myself enough and doing the things I should be doing etc. I’m learning not to be so hard on myself this year as it’s really a year for me to tek time whilst building and growing. I’m definitely looking forward to the year ahead and I am so excited for what’s to come and just really enjoying/making the most of this year I have out.

At times I do feel like what am I doing, I should really be at uni like my peers etc. But saying that, I am proud of myself and of having the courage to take a gap year and deviate from plans/goals I laid out for myself years prior and I guess I’m learning to be more dynamic with my plans and goals and learning to adapt and evolve myself at every opportunity I get and this year would definitely be the biggest opportunity I’ll probably get in my life to do so.

So yeah man, Sofia if you’re reading this I love you, you are amazing, you are worthy of everything good that is to come to you and more and I look forward to the life we finna live together. Keep staying strong, continue to have the faith that you have, continue to love hard, cry sometimes but laugh even harder and just do your best to enjoy every moment you can possibly enjoy living. You’ll be alright man.

Lots of love,

SofiaSHenanigans x


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