Isssaaa Madnesssss

It’s me, written, online taking over this cornerstone of the WORLD WIDEE WEB

Firstly, I just wanna thank you for stopping by and taking some time to read my blog. I’ve been contemplating this for the longest and I’ve been very reluctant yet enthusiastic to start my own blog.

I mean the idea of putting myself out there both frightens and excites me, though I think it’s fair to say, that it would anyone. Now this ain’t no ordinary blog, think of it more like a secret key, maybe a sneak peak into the whirlwind I call my mind. Where not only you could possibly be inspired and motivated but also gain a few life tips, be able to rant and vent, and see the world through the not so rose-tinted eyes of ME!

Be expecting anything and everything, from learning to self-love, current topics, spoken word, what to read, likkle 1 2 cooking tips and yeah JUSTTT MADNESSS!

One advice I keep hearing everywhere these days is if you’ve been thinking of doing something whether its starting a business or creating a new habit is to just go for it and start. So here I am, taking that bold step and listening to that advice.

Also on that note of starting things, at the beginning of lastyear, my co-host Jade and I did start a podcast called Alowd, which I would probably talk a lot more about later. But yeah please feel free to check it on sound cloud and the apple podcast app or click this link here;

Anyways let’s backtrack a little bit and let me start with a warm welcome into this space I’ve created for both you and I. If I told you I knew exactly what this space or sphere is going to be about or consist of I would be lying, however I do have a rough idea. In a nutshell, I guess this is just a space where I can unapologetically be myself, and if you continue to follow me along this journey then I guess you’ll be able to see what that is for yourself. So yeah hi, hello, salam alaikum, merhaba, akwaba, bonjour, salut, hola – and all things hi.

My name is Sofia and I’m an 18-year-old who is currently on a Gap Year not for any other reason than the mere fact that I was tired of education and the nonstop of it all. Don’t get me wrong I truly do love education and I am probably one of the biggest nerd and advocate of education, you will ever meet but as someone who has recently completed studying her A levels (cue the congratulatory sound effects) -I was simply just TIYAD. Like mentally, physically and emotionally tired. So as a kind of remedy I decided i’ll take a year out before going to uni to study medicine (which is another 5 long long long years – yay fun!) – which I guess is another good reason to give this whole blogging thing a go.

I also want to bring you guys along on my gap year and just document my journey. So far on my gap year I was fortunate enough to get a job working in a hospice as an administrator and a health care assistant – which I am definitely enjoying and learning a lot of lessons from.

But yeah, I am beyond excited for this journey I am embarking on and this new chapter of my life.

Thank you once again for stopping by, please stay tuned for more. Don’t be selfish keeping all this to yo’self and shareee.

SofiaSHenanigans x

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